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The Vilenica International Literary Festival is one of Europe’s leading literary events. Since its founding in 1986 it has been celebrating the power of words and, through its various activities, erasing borders while celebrating freedom. By bringing together the best of authors from the wider region of Central Europe, as well as from other parts of the world, and by means of its literary and non-literary contacts, the festival has broadened horizons of thought and raised awareness of the need for cultural pluralism, mutual respect, and peaceful coexistence the world over.

This year’s jubilee, the 35th Vilenica, is actively engaged in the current societal challenges and changes in Europe and around the world, at the very time when our everyday lives and experiences have changed. As well, at least temporarily, the living space of literature has changed, too, and thus also the way we come into contact with it. The year’s festival focuses on the question Quo Vadis?, namely, through a deliberate selection of intergenerationally diverse, international and local guests, as well as through cooperation among various literatures. It is that question, which people are continually asking themselves in the current situation, that leads us to invite both interested audiences and this year’s invited authors from 15 different countries.

In the increasingly turbulent world of the present, when Europe is both expanding and shrinking, this year’s Vilenica will look back to its beginnings, reflecting also on the question of where we are, thirty-five years later. In this way, the festival will move from remembrance of things past to a concern for the future, while remaining committed to enhancing cultural contacts, the exchanging of quality literature, and the fostering of opinions throughout Europe and the world. In doing so, the festival pays attention to both smaller and larger literatures. This year’s festival has selected Icelandic literature as a focal point; through its international partners it will continue to make possible meetings between literature fans that will take place alongside the literary readings, discussions and round tables.

Also this year Vilenica will further dialogue by choosing the best from world literature and by giving out prizes (the Vilenica Prize, the Crystal Vilenica, and the CEI Award), thereby continuing to maintain the freedom of the word, establishing a richness and culturally diverse programme, inviting you during the summer months right up until the start of the festival in autumn.

We invite you to help mediate between the world and literature, and literature and the world – thirty-five years after the festival began.