FRIDAY, 11 September

All festival events, with the exception of LIVE EVENTS, will be held virtually on the festival’s website, Facebook page and You Tube channel.   

11.00 Read Me, I am Yours (Part 3)
Literary reading: Elena Medel (Spain), Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson (Iceland), Kristín Ómarsdóttir (Iceland), Sibila Petlevski (Croatia)

17.00 The Voices of Vilenica (Part 3)
Short film portrait: Elena Medel (Spain)

The film will be screened in English with Slovenian subtitles.

17.30 Round table: ‘Vilenica Festival as a literary intermediary’
Participants: Mary Costello (Ireland), Myroslav Laiuk (Ukraine), Elena Medel (Spain), Sibila Petlevski (Croatia) and CEI 2020 award winner
Moderator: Aljaž Koprivnikar
The discussion will be held in English with translation into Slovenian.

19.50 Marko Kravos (Italy/Slovenia) and Kaja Teržan (Slovenia) – short film portraits
The films will be screened in Slovene with English subtitles.

19.30 Hosting Vilenica in Trieste
Marko Kravos (Italy/Slovenia)
Moderator: Martin Lissiach
Trieste, Slovenian Book Center in Trieste
The discussion will be held in Slovenian and Italian.

20.00 Hosting Vilenica in Hrastnik
Kaja Teržan (Slovenia)
Moderator: Simona Solina
Hrastnik, the Amphitheater by the Hrastnik Pool, in case of rain at Delavski dom Hrastnik

22.00 Hosting Vilenica in Sežana, video of the event
Nina Dragičević (Slovenia)