Live Event
13.00–16.00 19th International Comparative Literature Colloquium: ‘Literature and War: Problems, Texts, Contexts’ (Part II)
Chairs: Tone Smolej and Igor Žunkovič
Participants: Milan Aleksić (Serbia), Kristina Bojanović (Montenegro) and Časlav Koprivica (Serbia)
Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts UL, Blue Hall
The Colloquium will be held in Slovenian and English.

17.00 Courage in the Midst of Fear (Part II)
Short film portraits: Larissa Lai (Canada), Lena Ruth Stefanović (Montenegro) and Nenad Veličković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

19.00 Round Table: The Virus of Freedom: on Rights, Freedoms and Duties in the Time of ‘New Reality’
Participants: Zoltán Danyi (Hungary), Milan Dekleva (Slovenia), Kristina Hočevar (Slovenia), Jani Oswald (Austria/Slovenia)
Moderator: Aljoša Harlamov
The discussion will be held in Slovenian and English. Translation by Špela Pokovec.


Accompanying Programme

17.00 Literary afternoon with Matthias Göritz
Matthias Göritz (Germany)
Moderator: Mojca Kranjc
Slovenian Interpretation: Luka Marcen
Ljubljana, the Lili Novy Garden (the Garden of the SWA) (in case of rain, at the SWA)
The discussion will be held in German. Translation into Slovenian by Amalija Maček.