Foto © Tadeja Hočevar

Kristina Hočevar, Slovenia

Kristina Hočevar (1977) is the author of seven poetry collections. Her poems are included in various anthologies, translated into 15 languages, as well as presented through the Versopolis poetry platform. She also collaborates with the Lesbian Quarter Festival. She received the Golden Bird Award for Repki (Tiny Tails), and the Jenko Award for the Na zobeh aluminij, na ustnicah kreda (Aluminium on the Teeth, Chalk on the Lips). Simultaneously with the publication of her latest, trilingual poetry collection Rujenje / Half of a C / C 的 一半, the author presented herself for the first time in the visual arts at the Škuc Gallery (

Foto © Gerhard Maurer

Jani Oswald, Austria/Slovenia

Jani Oswald (1957) is a Carinthian Slovene poet and essayist. He publishes poetry and essays in literary magazines in Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, and often includes music in his performances, presenting them in public space through artistic interventions (e.g., tram literature, poetry on the terrace of a mountain hut, jazz, and poetry in various ensembles). He has long been a political and cultural activist in several civil society organizations, including the president of Klagenfurt’s Free Radio Agora and a member of the Cultural Board of the Carinthian Provincial Government in Klagenfurt.