This year’s Slovenian Author in Focus is Suzana Tratnik, who will also play an important role in the 2016 festival. Dalkey Archive Press will publish Tratnik’s collection of short stories entitled Games with Greta and Other Stories translated by Michael Biggins.



Suzana Tratnik

Suzana Tratnik (1963, Murska Sobota) obtained her BA in sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, and her MA in gender anthropology from the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis in Ljubljana, where she lives and works as a writer, translator, and publicist. She published seven collections of short stories: Pod ničlo (Bellow Zero, 1997), Na svojem dvorišču (In One’s Own Backyard, 2003), Vzporednice (Parallels, 2005), Česa nisem nikoli razumela na vlaku (Things I’ve Never Understood on the Train, 2008), Dva svetova (Two Worlds, 2010), Rezervat (Reservation, 2012), and Noben glas (No Voice, 2016), two novels: Ime mi je Damjan (My Name is Damjan, 2001) and Tretji svet (Third World, 2007), the children’s picture book Zafuškana Ganca (The Hany Rattie, 2010), as well as a monodrama Ime mi je Damjan (My Name is Damjan, 2002), a radio play Lep dan še naprej (Have a Nice Day, 2012), and two expertises: one on the lesbian movement in Slovenia, and another on lesbian literature, and memoirs Lezbični aktivizem po korakih (Lesbian Activism Step by Step, 2013). She received the national “Prešeren Foundation Award” for Literature in 2007. Her books and short stories have been translated in more than twenty languages, while she herself has translated several books of British and American fiction and non-fiction.

Foto © Nada Žgank