Publications of the Vilenica festival

Programme Booklet
The booklet is intended as a handy collection of information on the programme and the Vilenica guests. In addition, it may serve as a useful collection of data and contacts for cooperation between authors on one hand and editors, publishers, translators and cultural managers on the other.

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The Vilenica Almanac
zbornik 2006

The Vilenica Almanac features extracts from works of Vilenica guests coming from Central Europe in the original, the Slovene language and translated in English or German.

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Anthology of Contemporary Basque Literature
The Vilenica Anthologies, a new book series published by the Slovene Writers’ Association is dedicated to the presentation of lesser known literatures of Central Europe and the larger European area which have not been appropriately presented in the Slovene and other European translational corpuses. The editor of the series is Vilenica jury member and translator Jana Unuk.
The first book is dedicated to contemporary basque literature. It was translated and edited by Marjeta Drobnič and Marjeta Prelesnik Drozg while the foreword was provided by University lecturer Mari Jose Olaziregi.

The Vilenica Series in collaboration with the Cankarjeva Publishing House
The Cankarjeva Publishing House will publish two books by Vilenica 2005 Prize Winners: a collection of poetry by Ilma Rakusa translated by Kajetan Kovič and a book of essays byKarl-Markus Gauß translated by Mira Miladinović-Zalaznik.

Collection of essays of the CEI Round-Table Discussion
The essays of the CEI Round-Table Discussion will be published a the special publication.

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